Sales Reps

Landing bigger deals in a new era of sales

Orchestrating complex deals, setting account strategy, and ensuring a great customer experience means nothing can fall through the cracks.

But to perform at the top level you need insights, intelligence and automation to develop and land bigger deals.

Outreach automates everyday tasks, so you can focus on building customer relationships and sales strategies to beat your quota.

Top sales reps use Outreach to hit their goals

Closing leader Ashe tracking his deal activity
Every Day

Execute your playbook

Execute tasks for each account with integrated voice, email and calendaring in a single platform.

Move deals forward with automated multi-channel, multi-touch sequences.

Quickly respond to alerts for urgent tasks.

Closing leader Ashe meeting with his team
Every Week

Track your deals

Add new prospects to sequences to ensure account activity.

Track deal activity to make sure nothing falls behind.

Quickly prep for 1:1s with automated dashboards.

Closing leader Ashe forecasting deals
Every Quarter

Review KPIs and metrics

Share winning sequences, content and messages with your team.

Review buyer sentiment to find opportunities to optimize account strategy.

Optimize your Account Strategy

Using Outreach, you create a continuous cycle of action, insight and optimization that builds momentum and velocity like a flywheel.

Rep Experience

Maximize your productivity

Shift your time away from manual tasks like scheduling meetings, entering activity data and setting reminders so you can focus more time on your accounts.

Work the way you want with customizable dashboards, filters, and reports, integrated into the tools you use everyday like your email and CRM.

Funnel Insights

Optimize your path to quota

Manage and track engagement across multiple contacts in large buyer groups.

Track buyer insights to identify risks and opportunities to optimize your account strategy.

Optimize playbooks and strategies to focus on winning combinations of actions, messages, and channels.

Operational Excellence

Operate with confidence

Create accurate forecasts with deeper insights that impact the likelihood to close, such as buyer sentiment and deal activity.

Uncover opportunities and risks before they impact your numbers.

Easily align with sales development and marketing to accelerate prioritized leads and align on prospect hand-offs.

"Now that I am an AE, I have a lot more on my plate. From redlines and contract negotiations to demos and travel, there’s a lot to do (and coordinate!). The last thing I want to do is send multiple emails over the course of a few days in hopes of setting up a meeting.

The game changed when Outreach launched Outreach Meetings. I am now able to save hours and sometimes days of time between asking for a meeting and getting it booked."

Kate Batt

Kate Batt

Account Executive at Pendo

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