Using Data for Smarter Sales Decisions: A Practical Approach to Closing More Deals

The human element in the sales process sometimes seems to be missing, especially with all of the available technology and data we now leverage across industries. But it’s these tools and data that give us the opportunity to make our content and presentations more conversational, persuasive, customized, and effective.

In our new ebook, created in partnership with Prezi, Ambition, and DocSend, you’ll learn:

  • The don’ts (and dos!) of cold calling
  • How to optimize email copy to drive better outcomes
  • The secret to creating content that accelerates sales
  • Why a data-driven pipeline helps sales leaders own the middle of the sales funnel
  • Why “modern KPIs” are the new frontier of business performance analytics
  • How to create sales presentations that deliver value long after the meeting is over

Plus, you’ll get access to best practices and examples from each company. Start using more relevant, data-driven insights today, and help your sales and marketing teams connect with prospects and drive more deals than ever before.